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WMF Club Culture Berlin

WMF is internationally recognized with the club culture of 1990s Berlin. The club was founded in 1990 with the squatting of the vacant headquarters of the Würtembergische Metallwarenfabriken (WMF) on Mauerstrasse. Since then, the club collaborated with musicians, DJ's, video artists, designers, and other artistic groups to design its complex program. For 10 years the club travelled through Berlin Mitte. Throughout its life time, the club operators made use of their interim contracts in derelict real estate and interfered considerably in urban planning debates by determining the respective club locations.

The WMF was visually influenced by two artistic projects stemming from the club environment:

ROTATIONS RECYCLING - The artist F.r.e.d Rubin placed interior design from the GDR of the Sixties and Seventies into new contexts, creating new temporary spaces. For example, in 1995 he installed a bar from the Palace of the Republic in the club rooms of WMF No. 3 in Burgstrasse.

VISOMAT INC - The group formed in the mid-90s out of the Berlin Drum & Bass scene. Visomat Inc transformed electronic music into visual media.

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